A long overdue update – a year in pictures

This probably won’t include all details about what I have been up to, but here are at least some pictures. I’ve been too busy lately to update.

I purchased an E39 M5 to use as a daily driver and was able to repair a lot of things on the E30.

The M5 got some attention as well. It received BC BR type coil overs, aFe intakes, muffler delete, recovered interior trim, some new wheels, and head and tail light upgrades.

The E30 cracked its oil pan while trying to avoid some construction in Downtown Seattle. After the 2013 picnic (first pic of the gallery), the E30 sat for a while.

While it was sitting, I bought a skid plate for it, a new oil pan, a custom E36 M3 fuel pump, front lip splitter, euro analog clock, E28 M5 rear spoiler and a few other things.

When we were replacing the oil pan, we noticed a few other gaskets were leaking. So we took apart the timing chain cover and started to replace those gaskets when we realized a previous owner had cut part of the head gasket.

SO I took the head off, had it remachined, and replaced the head gasket. Now I don’t have to worry about that for a while..

I also picked up almost everything needed to do the 5-lug swap. I got a little ahead of myself and bought two sets of wheels prior to completing the swap.

One of the sets of wheels I purchased was the E34 M5 M system wheels with turbine covers. I spent a whole day polishing the lips.

I picked up a parts car too. It had a perfect sport interior, so I swapped that into my S50 car.




Featured Article

Blat Blat Pew Pew picked my build as the first car to feature on their site.

Make sure to check out this link for an awesome write up and pictures.

Blat Blat Pew Pew’s Featured Fan #1

By Andrew Damen

I haven’t updated this in way too long.. Here are a few pics!






By Andrew Damen

Finally got a chance to take some pics!

Check it out!

Getting there..

So everything has been installed except the exhaust and I still need to update the page. I’ve been so busy lately! Still need to adjust the brake booster and go back to get exhaust.  We had a fuel leak and a coolant leak and the alignment was way off. So now it is almost ready to go to the exhaust shop. Oh and the radiator somehow cracked and we ordered a new one to fill its gap. Can’t wait to actually drive this thing. In the meantime I have been driving this e36 M3

BIG UPDATE: Engine bay is done.. for now.

Today was a big day. We finally finished prepping and painting the engine bay. There was a slight cracking in the primer after sitting and curing for a few days so I had to sand it down and apply another coat of primer before painting. The results were pretty good. The engine and transmission are finally back together. It took a bit of wrestling with the transmission in order to get it to fit up just right. Tomorrow the engine and transmission will finally go in the car . Since the subframe had the reinforcement kits welded in, we couldn’t access the bolt where the motor mount would sit. We had to modify the reinforcement kit so we could access the bolts. More pictures of that tomorrow. Onto some from today:



Engine check, transmission check, driveshaft check, side skirts check, shaved bay? not yet..

This engine bay is taking a lot of time to get completed and perfect. Every little detail that can be seen once the engine is in has to be just right. Many layers of filler have gone on and been sanded down. The engine and transmission are all ready to go, I’ve talked to local exhaust shops and picked the one that I’m going to use. Now just to finish this engine bay! Also the side skirts were installed by my dad. The car is dirty but the side skirts are clean! Check out those pics too!

Onto the pics: