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Blat Blat Pew Pew picked my build as the first car to feature on their site.

Make sure to check out this link for an awesome write up and pictures.

Blat Blat Pew Pew’s Featured Fan #1

By andrewdamen

I haven’t updated this in way too long.. Here are a few pics!






By andrewdamen

Finally got a chance to take some pics!

Check it out!

Getting there..

So everything has been installed except the exhaust and I still need to update the page. I’ve been so busy lately! Still need to adjust the brake booster and go back to get exhaust.  We had a fuel leak and a coolant leak and the alignment was way off. So now it is almost ready to go to the exhaust shop. Oh and the radiator somehow cracked and we ordered a new one to fill its gap. Can’t wait to actually drive this thing. In the meantime I have been driving this e36 M3

BIG UPDATE: Engine bay is done.. for now.

Today was a big day. We finally finished prepping and painting the engine bay. There was a slight cracking in the primer after sitting and curing for a few days so I had to sand it down and apply another coat of primer before painting. The results were pretty good. The engine and transmission are finally back together. It took a bit of wrestling with the transmission in order to get it to fit up just right. Tomorrow the engine and transmission will finally go in the car . Since the subframe had the reinforcement kits welded in, we couldn’t access the bolt where the motor mount would sit. We had to modify the reinforcement kit so we could access the bolts. More pictures of that tomorrow. Onto some from today:



Engine check, transmission check, driveshaft check, side skirts check, shaved bay? not yet..

This engine bay is taking a lot of time to get completed and perfect. Every little detail that can be seen once the engine is in has to be just right. Many layers of filler have gone on and been sanded down. The engine and transmission are all ready to go, I’ve talked to local exhaust shops and picked the one that I’m going to use. Now just to finish this engine bay! Also the side skirts were installed by my dad. The car is dirty but the side skirts are clean! Check out those pics too!

Onto the pics:

That clean shaved look..

A lot of work has been happening lately. I’ve been so busy with working on the car and working at my job that I have barely been sleeping. Here is a peek into what I have been working on. After pulling the engine, I desperately wanted to clean up the engine bay. Using an air powered wheel grinding tool we removed all of the unused brackets on the engine bay, sanded down the surrounding area and filled in the scratches and imperfections with body filler. The look is super clean and I can’t wait to finish it next weekend before the engine goes it. The bay won’t be completely shaved, as I still am keeping my ABS and Air Conditioning, but it’ll still look a shit ton better than before! Also is this post is a comparison of the 1995 E36 M3 Driveshaft, 1991 E30 318is Driveshaft and the 1987 325e Driveshaft. We will be using the 325e driveshaft to connect the E36 ZF transmission to the E30 differential.

Onto the pics: